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Birthdate:Jul 27
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
I am a 20 year old Philosophy student. I speak German and I want to live forever.

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a fine frenzy, abba, amy winehouse, anticipation, aqualung, autumn, baking, band of horses, barbie dolls and barbie doll girls, being with my friends, ben lee, bird york, bob dylan, books, brandi carlile, bruce springsteen, bryan greenberg, cabbage patch kids, cat power, clap your hands say yeah, cliches, cookies, damien rice, dancing, dave matthews band, david cook, death cab for cutie, dollhouse, editors, eve 6, explosions in the sky, fabulous hair, feist, firefly, flashbacks, flavored lipgloss, frightened rabbit, frou frou, goldfrapp, gregory and the hawk, haiikus (5-7-5), hallmark cards, history, holding hands, imogen heap, ingrid michaelson, introspective conversations, jack johnson, jakob dylan, japanese and indian cuisine, jenny lewis, johnny cash, joshua radin, kissing in the rain, knee-high socks, lisa frank, listening to music, lord of the rings, lost, lyrics, making a fool of myself, margot & the nuclear so and so's, mass-produced iloveyou's, mat kearney, matt nathanson, mirah, mixtapes, music, my little ponies, nietzsche, ok go, pez dispensers, philosophizing, philosophy, pride and prejudice, quotes, rain, regina spektor, rice pudding, rilo kiley, sara bareilles, sarcasm, schuyler fisk, sephora, serenity, sigur rós, snow patrol, socrates, solarism, star trek, stars, sufjan stevens, swingsets and too much sand, taking walks, tegan and sara, the arcade fire, the ataris, the beatles, the boston red sox, the chronicles of narnia, the decemberists, the national, the shins, the weepies, the wooden sky, the x files, tolkien's legendarium, trespassers william, watchmen, we are scientists, weezer, william fitzsimmons, writing
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